Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/30 blog update, titled “To everyonefrom Maimi“:


This is a special day that changed the lives of Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute

10 years ago now

The announcement of the results for the Hello! Project Kids audition were just around the corner and my heart was pounding

On a live broadcast of TV Tokyo’s “Hello! Morning” program, we were told we successfully passed.

This was our beginning…

That day was perfectly split between the me who hadn’t yet joined Hello! Project, and the me who had joined.

because of the 10th anniversary,
I’ve thought about various things every day.

I’ve been able to meet a lot of people since entering this world~…

Earlier, when I thought “It’ll soon be 10 years…“,

I suddenly felt like reading old fan letters.

These were my thoughts while reading them.

The people who wrote…

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From Forum to Blog | 由論壇至部落格

From Forum to Blog

If you know Yajima Maimi International Fans Club, I think you know it is originally a forum about Maimi.I am really happy to have the experience of setting up a forum and gather all Maimi’s fans from different countries. Yet, it is really difficult to keep the popularity of a forum without the help from the others. I am really tired to keep running the forum by myself. And I need more time for seeing more Maimi’s goodness in the internet. So I have switched the forum to facebook fans page. I will continue to spread out Maimi’s love all over the world through facebook fans page and here. Hope that you will continue to support me and Maimi-chan!


如果你認識矢島舞美國際後援會, 我相信你也知道它是一個關於舞美的論壇。我很高興可以有開壇的經驗和聚集了各地的舞美飯。但是,很難獨力保持論壇有一定的人流。我很累了。我也需要多些時間去留意多些舞美。所以,我已把論壇轉到facebook專頁。我會繼續以facebook專頁和這裏宣揚舞美的愛。希望大家會繼續支持我和舞美!