Maimi Wallpaper for December 2013 | 舞美2013年12月壁紙

Maimi Wallpaper for December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
This time, we(Fire Deity & lilyandlily) present the a collaborative wallpaper for Dec 2013.
Thank you to the great work from one of the YMIFC Admins Fire Deity.

Time flies, it is near the end of 2013.
Thank you to all your support in 2013!
We wish you would support Maimi and YMIFC in 2014 also.
Best wishes!!

From Yajima Maimi International Fans Club

PS. I provide 14 sizes of wallpaper. If you need other sizes, please let me know by reply this post/ tell me in YMIFC fb page / tell me through e-mail:



今次, 我們(Fire Deity & lilyandlily)為大家準備了協作的12月壁紙。
感謝YMIFC其中一為管理員Fire Deity的設計。

時光飛逝, 2013年即將完結。
希望在2014年, 我們也會支持舞美和YMIFC

From 矢島舞美國際後援會

PS. 已有14個尺寸。 如你要其他尺寸, 可回覆此帖 / 到 YMIFC fb page / 電郵至:




Widescreen(16:10):   2560×1600 |  1920×1200 |  1440×900 |  1280×800
Fullscreen(4:3): 2560×1920 |  1600×1200 |  1280×960 |  1024×768
Fullscreen(5:4):  1280×1024
HDTV(16:9):  2560×1440 |  1920×1080 |  1600×900 |  1366×768 | 1280×720

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