From Forum to Blog | 由論壇至部落格

From Forum to Blog

If you know Yajima Maimi International Fans Club, I think you know it is originally a forum about Maimi.I am really happy to have the experience of setting up a forum and gather all Maimi’s fans from different countries. Yet, it is really difficult to keep the popularity of a forum without the help from the others. I am really tired to keep running the forum by myself. And I need more time for seeing more Maimi’s goodness in the internet. So I have switched the forum to facebook fans page. I will continue to spread out Maimi’s love all over the world through facebook fans page and here. Hope that you will continue to support me and Maimi-chan!


如果你認識矢島舞美國際後援會, 我相信你也知道它是一個關於舞美的論壇。我很高興可以有開壇的經驗和聚集了各地的舞美飯。但是,很難獨力保持論壇有一定的人流。我很累了。我也需要多些時間去留意多些舞美。所以,我已把論壇轉到facebook專頁。我會繼續以facebook專頁和這裏宣揚舞美的愛。希望大家會繼續支持我和舞美!



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